WMC Middle East Women's Forum

Esther Isaac

Women's Forum President

Rani Lijesh

Women's Forum Secretary

Smitha Jayan

Women's Forum Treasurer

The primary mission of WMC Middle East Women’s Forum, an affiliate body of WMC Middle East, is to empower women and to hone their leadership skills. 

 The new leadership for 2021-2023 term comprises Esther Issac as President (Dubai), Rani Lijesh as General Secretary (Al Ain), and Smitha Jayan as Treasurer (Al Kobar). 

  The forum’s members include provincial Women’s Forum’s officials from across all 12 WMC provinces of the region. 

 The forum seeks to complement and supplement the activities of World Malayalee Council within the region.

As the regional arm of WMC Global Women’s Forum, the regional body is also actively involved in various  international activities undertaken by WMC. In line with its goal of reskilling and motivating women at large, the forum organizes workshops and seminars along with cultural activities at regular intervals.