WMC Dubai Province

WMC Dubai, one of the most vibrant provinces of  WMC Global, is also the largest, in terms of membership, in its network spanning six continents.

 Founded in 2008, members of WMC Dubai represent a cross-section of the enterprising Malayalee Diaspora living the iconic city of Dubai, “a home away from home” for citizens of 207 nations.

 As a magnificent City of  Superlatives, Dubai boasts the world’s number one ranking on several counts. As a sought-after global hub for business and tourism, the dazzling, future-ready city known for the world’s tallest tower, largest shopping mall and myriad other wonders, is also the global gateway connecting the West and East.

 WMC Dubai, therefore, is rightfully and strategically positioned to play a central role in projecting and promoting WMC Global Network as the most authentic and symbolic representation of global Malayalees and their aspirations.