WMC Qatar Province

The WMC Qatar Province, has been active from the year 2007 onwards. It was also the host of a glittering Global WMC Conference in the year 2010. Most recently it has the distinction of winning the One Fest Global Competition in 2020.The State of Qatar is this new economic marvel and a mystical wonderland rolled into one, that we the residents of Qatar, love and are so proud to call our home these days. This prosperous Gulf state is a modern, enlightened, liberal monarchy, which proudly celebrates its Arab heritage, while simultaneously embracing modernity, as its new style statement. This small 11,500 Sq Km peninsula in the Persian Gulf boasts of the highest per capita income in the world, whilst also being recognized by the UNO as the most advanced Arab state for Human Development. Qatar is shaping into an international hub, for travel, leisure, and business. Lately, it has also evolved into a melting pot of global cultures, with the constant influx of a talented selection of multi-ethnic citizenry, who have been handpicked from different countries from around the planet and assembled by the visionary administrators to execute their blueprint of prosperity. The forward-looking leadership plans to make this land, a crucible of excellence, where the best and the most lavish creations of human brilliance will come to life.

In tune with the country’s cultural and traditional heritage, WMC Qatar, which is rapidly emerging as one of the most vibrant provinces of the Middle East region, have resolved to promote the kaleidoscopic Kerala culture, and showcase the rich traditions of Malayalees, in order to foster a sense of pride, cultivate belongingness with the spirit of camaraderie, and spread joy among the local Malayalee community. WMC Qatar Province has been recently re-launched in November 2020 under a dynamic, new visionary leadership team led by meritorious and eminent local Malayalee professionals and business leaders. They have meticulously planned and drawn out detailed blueprints to organize and conduct a variety of programs on different themes that will be presented by a highly talented team of participants from all age groups, ensuring representation from a wide cross section of Malayalees representing different spheres of living in this prosperous Kingdom. You will soon see WMC Qatar add fervour, festivity and colour to the local diaspora. WMC Qatar aspires to be at the forefront showcasing varied community activities of an exceptional order in the coming months.