WMC Ras Al Khaimah Province

WMC Ras Al Khaimah province is a vibrant unit of the region. Ras Al Khaimah is a vast terrain with mountains, plains and beautiful natural beaches and islands. The Emirate is a fine tourist destination and was recognized for its swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic garnering international accreditation, its introduction of many firsts to the region’s tourism offering and ongoing efforts to further develop its portfolio driving its strong recovery.

Ras Al Khaimah is considered one of the most diverse Emirates offering world-class experiences and attractions, which has enabled it to assert its position on the Global tourism map as the fastest growing destination in the region.WMC Rasalkhaimah provinces is one of the active units in Middle East region.

WMC Al Ain continuously organizes and conducts various social development programs for every strata of society .To our credit we have distributed medicines worth 150,000. Dirhams to various provinces of UAE. We have conducted free medical camps and has helped many. The covid evacuation drive by our unit in association with Indian Association Rasalkhaimah is commendable. We have chartered more than 130 flights as a collective effort of various organisations and is the biggest example of a social organization unity.We have given legal and emotional support to various individuals and families during covid and is continuing.