Education Forum

Jeral Jose

Education Forum Chairman

This year marks a turning point for the world, with the international community adopting a new global strategy in all areas, we world Malayali Council ME region also have to move forward by adopting the new global changes in all the fields especially education. The WMC ME Education Forum have a significant role to play in the community in ME and also globally.

WMC ME Education Forum will set sustainable plans and platforms, which will underpin our efforts to formulate a common virtual platform where the Educationist,Teachers, Students, Parents can directly interact from various parts of the world to share and resolve their educational queries.

A strong education system broadens access to opportunities, improves health, and bolsters the resilience of communities – all while fueling economic growth in a way that can reinforce and accelerate these processes. Moreover, education provides the skills people need to thrive in the new sustainable economy, working in all areas. WMC ME Education Forum will act as a catalyst to improve the educational thoughts of our members as well as the Malayali community as a whole in the region and beyond.

Perhaps most important, education can bring about a fundamental shift in how we think, act, and discharge our responsibilities toward one another and to the Humanity. The Forum will take initiative to organize seminars, workshops and online sessions to all categories of students, youth and adults to achieve and update their educational needs. ME Edu Forum will be given priority for our language(Malayalam) education and our cultural values to the new generation. Forum will conduct career guidance and training to students in association with other organizations on all prominent categories and guide to achieve the best result by our WMC members. Forum will work in coordination and guidance of WMC ME commitee.